nightmarecatchers - the feral dreamer

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Nightmarecatchers are supposed to be supernatural creatures, able to evoke monsters and cause visions from people inner fears. No one knows where they come from, their origin, they manifest themselves as humans with their face covered with a skull. legends and myths seem to suggest that there are five of them, with each one having the ability to draw their powers from a particular type of fear. the feral dreamer is the evil shaman of the ruthless, primeval cruelty of nature.

The design is composed of 20 pieces, very easy to assemble with some of them that can be optional (you can decide to put the figure on another type of pedestal or not to print some of the hanging that part of the model as you wish ;D), and will require small additional material (any type of small chords) to hang the dreamcatcher elements on the main figure.

the main image shows a double print, a figure composition that i like more then the single one and that i am actually printing, you can do it by printing a mirrored version of the figure elements

  • antler_left
  • antler_right
  • arm_left
  • arm_right
  • Base
  • Body
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Frog1
  • Frog2
  • Head
  • Horn_left
  • Horn_right
  • Leg_left
  • Leg_right
  • Monkey_head
  • Moosehead
  • Pedestal
  • Rat
  • Wasp nest
  • Wolf head

Design Files

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Monkey head.stl
3.64 MB
1.76 MB
9.56 MB
7.39 MB
3.85 MB
Frog 1.stl
4.06 MB
Frog 2.stl
4.06 MB
Wasp nest.stl
1.88 MB
9.11 MB
661 KB
Horn left1.stl
3.27 MB
Horn right.stl
3.35 MB
Leg left.stl
5.37 MB
Leg right.stl
6.91 MB
Wolf head.stl
3.12 MB
Antler left.stl
1.57 MB
Antler right.stl
1.58 MB
Arm left.stl
6.38 MB
Arm right.stl
4.8 MB
15.4 MB


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