Digoo, Escam, Xiaomi WIFI IP Camera stand - holder

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Depend of environment of camera usage You can print from ABS or PLA. No supports . There is few variations of height of base and Degrees Of Freedom of the camera.

I printed at 0,2mm layer height and 60% infill.

For final assembling You will need:

2pcs.  M3X20 bolt

1pcs. M3X30 bolt

3pcs. M3 lock nut

1pcs 3mm flat washer

Happy printing.

Design Files

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Base high v2-.stl
833 KB
Base low v2-.stl
220 KB
Base high-.stl
848 KB
Base low-.stl
235 KB
307 KB
arm 2DOF.STL
186 KB
arm 3DOF.STL
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