Bunn Hot Water Faucet Handle

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Summary The hot water handle broke at work. I swooped in like a champ. Management was a little hesitant to let me fix this. They obviously had some fear of a horrible steam accident or some other litigious event. Then again, they know me. I convinced them to let me repair the coffee maker, Later on, they could replace the whole assembly with 'proper' replacement parts. They gave me a list of things that I should NOT do, just to be safe. They temporarily set their fears aside so that you could potentially benefit. They are the real heroes. I printed the model as it appears in the attached STL file. On its side. I thought that it would be stronger this way. Unfortunately it split a little forcing the cotter pin through the far side. Further experiments are left as an exercise. This works nicely. I recommend that you print it in red. DO NOT print it in orange or green, people will think that the hot water is decaffeinated. Post-Printing Be careful Since I printed it on it's side for strength, the layers ran perpendicular to the cotter pin. Pushing the cotter pin through one side was easy, pushing it through the other started to make the part split (layer separation). Maybe printing it without supports and rafts is better. If you print it the way that I did, maybe raise the temperature and push the cotter pin through the finished part to loosen it just a bit before installing. How I Designed This When I decided to do this, I was at home, and I had to prototype it without taking any measurements. I Googled the part and found a picture that was nearly a perfect side shot. I traced the picture in Blender, and dimensioned it to the only dimension that I could find, which was the overall length. I had to guess at the width. The first one was a little too wide. The next day, I took a measurement or two and updated the design. I did not have to change much of anything, but the width. I love tracing parts in Blender. It is a very powerful tool.

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