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This is a mini tripod you can use for various applications that is hollow as it is intended to be filled up with sand or another weight adding substance for stability. Included is 3 styles of the tripod with a thread gauge. Print that first to check what works best with your machine and pick the model accordingly. If for whatever reason the print is still tight warm up a bolt and carefully screw in to enlarge the threads or if you have the ability use a tap to cut the threads larger.

Print settings:

Run at whatever your machine likes best for your material in terms of layer heights

Turn supports on for build plate ONLY

Print the tripod with the 3 feet down on the bed

Print the cover with the round side down 

Extra items needed:

.625 - .75" 1/4-20 threaded set screw (available at any hardware store)

Sand, lead shot or any other weight bearing item to fill the inside with.

Epoxy or appropriate glue for your plastic

Assembly instructions:

Print the appropriate tripod model & cover cap

Insert the set screw carefully into the tripod body

Fill the body with sand or other appropriate weight medium

Carefully glue the cap on to prevent the weight medium from spilling out

Attach the screw on camera accessory of choice on top

Go out and use your tripod!


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fill funnel.stl
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Tripod 1B Thd.stl
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Tripod 2B Thd.stl
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Tripod 3B Thd.stl
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Cover cap.stl
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Thread Fit Check.stl
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