Dual Extruder for CR-10 (side by side version)

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This is the side by side version of my dual extruder set up. the other two, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2645090 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2583267 is in tandem. This one is more suitable for machines with dual Z steppers for reasons stated in one of the other versions. It has a BLTouch bracket and all parts are adjustable in height to compensate for different nozzle styles and so forth.

171217: Uploaded a slightly modified version. it is a little more rigid just for sake and the cooling duct is changed. It is supposed to be mounted with just one screw that also keeps it from rotating.

180215: Some changes that makes it a little easier to lock down the left extrudes height. This one works well but must be printed in stiff material. PLA is a good choose but anything that doesn't flex.

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BLTouch Mounting2XE3D.STL
458 KB
Cooling fan Duct2XE3D.STL
981 KB
E3D Back plate2XE3D.STL
214 KB
E3D Mount fastening fixture2XE3D.STL
123 KB
E3D Mount2XE3D Right.STL
582 KB
E3D Mount2XE3D.STL
847 KB
182 KB


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