12 mm round arm motor mount

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12mm round arm motor mount 3D print model

This design is an stl file of a motor mount destined to be 3d printed in ABS or PLA to assemble your own drone or gimbal, the stl format allows you to immediately send the design to your favorite 3d slicer program and then to your 3d printer.  The motor mount can accommodate motor with mounting holes ranging from 16mm to 19mm (which corresponds with most 28 size brushless motors and most brushless gimbal motors) and is made to be fixed on a aluminium or carbon fiber tube 12mm in diameter. The advantage of this design is that you can put the motor cables through the tube which makes it more "clean looking"

The motor mount should be secured with 4 25mm M3 screws, washers on either side and a M3 lock nut.  It is highly recommended to use 2 O-rings (size 8 (8.9mm x 14.3mm) or size 9 (10.5mm x 15.9mm) to better secure the motor mount to the 12mm tube.

The recommended infill to print this object is between 60% and 80%.

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motor mount 12mm bottem side.stl
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motor mount 12mm top side.stl
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