Moon Lamp with concrete/printed base

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This is a moon lamp I created. The moon stl is too large to upload to pinshape, but you can download it here:

Also a smaller moon:

And small Jupiter:

You can use base along with the mold I've provided to create the concrete filled base you see in the pictures. It also makes the base a bit more hefty than if it was just printed. I put some rubber feet on the base and it sits nicely without sliding around.

Best results are with a well sanded mold and base. I then stained the base and used acrylic sealer to coat the base before putting it into the mold, securing it with a bolt, and filling the empty space with concrete. I removed the base from the mold before the concrete was totally solid so I could easily sand away any concrete that got places it shouldn't (on the legs for example) and flatten the bottom. I then let it fully harden, polished it, then sanded it once last time so it wasn't overly glossy.

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