Servo Controlled Robotic Gripper using rack & pinion drive

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3D Printed Servo Controlled Robotic Gripper using rack & pinion drive for parallel jaw movement

This is a robotic gripper/jaw that uses a low cost Tower Pro MG996R servo.

As opposed to some grippers that use a lever action, this directly drives both jaws with a rack and pinion action.

It therefore has slightly more grip that traditional lever grippers and the jaw movement is totally parallel.

It could be easily modified to fit on to a robotic arm.

It requires: 1pcs Tower Pro MG 996R servo motor (approx price UK £5 / US $10) M3x15mm Screws (4 pcs) M3x10mm Screws (4 pcs) M3 nuts (8 pcs)

To drive it, I used a servo motor test board and a USB phone charger (2.5A) But you can also use and arduino.

Servo tester board:

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