Folding Table (1/18 scale)


Summary A standard folding table, suitable for garage sales, canvassing, or accommodating more figures for the big holiday meal. To make the table, print one tabletop and two copies of the legs. The legs should snap into the tabletop without much trouble. If they're tight, try cleaning up the holes with a needle file. You don't want them too loose though, so I recommend just snapping them in and working them back and forth a bit. I think it looks especially good if you print the tabletop in white and the legs in gray or silver, so I've included plates with two tabletops and four legs to make it easier to print multiples, if you like. Be sure to check out the rest of our Thanksgiving files: folding chair plates roast turkey pies Enjoy! If you like this sort of thing and want to see more, be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or join the discussion on our Facebook page

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