Adhesive Curtain Rod Holder

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This rod bracket enables to attach  the curtain on the wall using just double sided adhesive pads, screws or tolls are not necessary. To get a better result the back side of the 3D printed holder, where the larger adhesive pad will be fixed, should be sanded until it  becomes as smooth as possible, also the surface wall where the holder will be attached should be sanded and made free of any dust.  It is designed to a 19mm curtain rod, but  can be scaled to fit any desired rod diameter.

A good heavy duty double sided adhesive tape or pad should be used, the small pad showed on figure is used to help hold the curtain rod in place. I got good results using a regular double sided adhesive tape holding a load of up 2kg, but the final load supported is very dependent of the adhesive tape used and the surface where it is applied, so a very clean and flat surface is necessary to get better results.

The free Spherical Curtain Rod End cap is a perfect companion for this design, get more information on this print visiting my website:

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