Pagoda Garden Ornament

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I was watching a movie and saw this Pagoda in a garden, so I had to make one. So I opened Zbrush and 10 minutes after, a nice and old Pagoda was made.

This is a great piece to add to your garden, especially if it's one with small plants, like Succulents. It gives them some perspective and size.

There is no need to use glue, the 2 pieces fit together perfectly, just apply some pressure.


3D Printing info:

The model is divided in 2 pieces, the top and bottom. The bottom piece doesn't need supports and can be printed at faster speeds and low infill.

When I printed the top piece in my CR10, I wanted to see how well it would print without supports, and you can see in one of the photos that it ended up with a lot of strings on the hanging parts. I advise the use of supports for the hanging places. The inside area between the four pillars doesn't need supports.

Layer height - 0,2 mm Bed - 60º Nozzle - 195º Infill - 10% Speed - 50 mm/s

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