Baragwin assault gun

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The Baragwin assault gun from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was a light repeating blaster that had been modified from existing repeater designs by the Baragwin, who were famous as skilled weaponsmiths. This model boasted a greatly increased damage output and added functionality with a variety of upgrade options.  size 626 mm 

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triger_baragvin v0.stl
325 KB
pin6_baragvin v0.stl
29 KB
pin5_baragvin v0.stl
29 KB
pin4_baragvin v0.stl
44.5 KB
pin3_baragvin v0.stl
48.9 KB
pin2_baragvin v0.stl
37.8 KB
pin1_baragvin v0.stl
77.6 KB
optic_baragvin v0.stl
1020 KB
opart_baragvin v0.stl
21.8 KB
handle_baragvin v0.stl
2.13 MB
barrel_baragvin v0.stl
1.2 MB
b3_baragvin v0.stl
2.91 MB
b2_baragvin v0.stl
3.52 MB
b1_baragvin v0.stl
2.95 MB
ammo_baragvin v0.stl
105 KB
baragvin v0.stl
14.4 MB


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