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This kitchen squeegee holder has two versions: one uses a 20mm neodymium round magnet that can be purchased from AliExpress here:  , and another that uses a suction cup.

The magnetic squeegee holder has a magnetic base  designed to be used over a stainless steel kitchen tabletop and the suction cup version can be attached to a sink tabletop made of any material.

The magnetic version has three parts: base, top and the magnet cover, the magnet cover can be printed in different color to create a beautiful effect. The parts are printed in PLA, 0.2mm height, 25% infill with no supports , for more information about these designs please visit my website

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Magnet Case Cap.stl
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Squeegee Holder_Top.stl
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Squeegee Holder_Base.stl
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Squeegee Holder Suction Cup_Base.stl
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