Modular X Carriage


Summary This horizontal carriage is designed add or subtract new functionality and be easy to install. Hardware required: 4 - 8mm Pillow Blocks (SCS8UU) 8 -16 - M4 Button Dome Cap Screw Bolts. (User will only need 8) 4 - TBD - M3 Hex bolts. 4 - TBD - M3 Nuts. Optional Hardware: 1 - more 40mm Brushless Fan 1 - 10mm Capacitive proximity sensor Please feel free If you like this model and you want to support my work that I am making, you can donate me if you want with paypal: 5/27/2017 Added new fan holder and reshuffled images. 6/7/2017 Added install video 6/16/17 Added Inductive Sensor Video 7/12/14 Added Capacitive Sensor Video Coming soon ... My own fan design. I'm trying to find the link to the fan used, it is not my work product. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: .2 Infill: 20 How I Designed This Design Requirements: Horizontal rods. 50mm by default. This can be modified by request. Use four pillow blocks (SCS8UU). This can be modified by request. Allows user to add new fans, sensors ... Easy to install and updated.

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