Bench saw blade height gauge


This is a bench saw blade height gauge. You can define the depth of cut of a blade in a work piece pretty accurately. 


You can use the “Gabarit banc de scie.stl” file to print it directly on the 3D printer but it will have no measurements text on it but you can wright it by hand.


An alternative is to use both a 3D printer and laser cutter to make this:

1:Print the oversized piece with the file “Gabarit banc de scie_oversized.stl”

2:Flip and put your print in the laser cutter and align it horizontally, 90degrees to the side of your machine (see picture )Engrave the text on it

3: Engrave the text on it with the “Gavarit banc scie_Laser” file. Use alignment of engrave and cut at Bottom left. I used a speed of 375mm/sec with a power of 7.5mA for PLA plastic.

4: Cut the outline with the laser with the “Gavarit banc scie_Laser” file.  I think I used a speed of 15mm/sec and power of 15mA but not sure (sorry).

Design Files

File Size banc de scie_oversized.stl
11.2 KB
Gabarit banc de scie.stl
16.3 KB


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