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Rick and Morty Portal Gun 3D print model The Portal Gun is a gadget that allows the user(s) to travel between different universes, dimensions and realities. Initially built by Rick Sanchez for travel to and from Dimension C-137. Due to the infinite number of locations, one could use the portal gun to travel anywhere. Model has a lot of space incede to mount LEDs and power source. I used variable resistor as on/off switch and brightness regulator. Transparent parts should be printed of SBS of similar semi-transparent filaments. For the other parts any material can be used.

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Green lanthern.stl
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LED aray holder.stl
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LED cup x3.stl
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Main body V2.stl
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Main body.stl
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Red LED holder.stl
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Red screen.stl
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Top cover.stl
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