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Dunge'Tin is a 3D printable tabletop dungeon scenery system. Print, paint, and play. It's that simple! No supports are needed, and you can print the Dunge'Tin system on the smallest available 3D printer. Dunge'Tin is modular system that goes together similar to legos. This system includes two types locking tile trays, one that fits a metal tin, and a second interlocking tile tray that allows for large setups. Either way your dungeon setup will stay in place during rowdy game-play sessions. The tile system is based on a 1" inch grid to guarantee compatibility with a large number of tabletop RPGs. 

Keep a lookout for an upcoming game I have planned for Dunge'Tin!

Update 10-31-2017 -  Created a test player piece the "Mage", scaled to fit in the tin with the base set I decided to make the players pieces what I call "stubby heroic scale".

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