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Summary I modeled this tower after The Citadel (aka Hightower) artwork for Game of Thrones. The base is from my head, not based on anything really. The tower has a hole in it and the windows are opened so you can possibly use a LED to light it up nicely. Alternatively it could look nice with just a LED on the top as the bonfire, I've not tested that yet though. I printed the tower with 0.15mm layer height and the base with 0.2mm. You need to go very slowly with the tower for best quality. The model is separated into 2 files because it's so tall. If your printer is calibrated well the pieces fit together perfectly, but if you suspect it's not the case for you then you should scale it down very slightly. Tower requires no supports, base does benefit from supports from the build platform, it's only for underneath the model. I used very sparse supports and it was fine.

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