2018 Happy New Year Fun Glasses

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These are an evolution from my 2016 New Year's Glasses which were featured in several online 3D printing magazines and websites. It uses the same arms with rugged hinges and the glasses are also easy on the nose’s skin as well as on the ears. I also included two versions of the arms the standard length (most common) and longer ones.

If you want to paint the numbers in different colors then print the glasses in a white material to have a good color base.

I printed the arms with black PLA at 220 degrees and 45 degrees bed. The Glasses themselves I printed them with white PETG at 345 degrees and 100 degrees bed. Fill is 10% and no need for supports because they are already in the uploaded STL file. Don't forget to cut them off before inserting the arms. You will also need to use some CA or gorilla glue to secure the arms in place.

Enjoy this New Year’s Eve wearing this fun Glasses.


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