Nerf Sniper SMG

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Nerf Sniper SMG

The Nerf Sniper SMG is perhaps the most powerful and accurate Nerf gun on the planet!  It has a powerful spring mechanism which can launch a Mega dart extreme distances.  It features a rifled barrel which imparts spin and results in unparalleled accuracy.

The design comes with a detailed print and step-by-step assembly instructions document.  Most of the parts do not require support material.  Recommended orientation and print setting are included in the documentation  The maximum part height is 164.5 mm which should allow it to be built on most printers.  The photos shown are printed on an Ultimaker 2.

You will need to purchase additional off-the-shelf parts to build this.  A detailed parts list is included.  If you can print NinjaFlex, there are also rubber components included so that you don't have to order them.  If not, there are part numbers provided so that you can get a compatible equivalent. 

This is as fairly involved project so be prepared for that.  It works very well and has undergone lots of testing and improvements.  Be careful and have fun!

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Nerf Snipper Print and Assembly Instructions v1_0.pdf
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Grip Inlay_Left_2_0.stl
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Air Chamber_Back_4_0.stl
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Air Chamber_1_0.stl
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Trigger Lock_1_0.stl
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Grip Inlay_Right_2_0.stl
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Pistol Grip_Right5_0.stl
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Pistol Grip_Left5_0.stl
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