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Hi, this is another experiment by SgaboLab .. It works but require a little modification using a file before assembly, you can see it on video.

more dettails

For the test that you see in video, I use a pc fan and an adapter to boost static pressure of the fan, not the conic adapter that you see in video, my other idea :) You can see it in this other video. 

and in this other video "bag inflating test" 

You can find this adapter model  among my drawings.  

Simple pc fan attach to input hole not work, I suggest you can try with hairdryer or other power fan ;)

Suggest 0,4 nozzle / 0,2-0,3 layer / 20% infill

UPDATE: I made new prototype version with same air profile .. Valentine Bladeless fan, here little test with smoke where you can see how air move around it 


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