Arduino Uno / chipKIT uC32 Lego Case


Arduino Uno / chipKIT uC32 Lego Case

Designed to easily integrate your Arduino Uno board into a Lego creation.  Combine the mechanical aspects of Legos and the electronic/control aspects of Arduino to make fun and powerful designs.  A lot of effort went into designing the Lego features so they they print perfectly compatible with off-the-shelf Legos (prototypes on an Ultimaker 2 ).  This design is exactly 2 standard Lego blocks tall and has the correct x and y Lego proportions.

  • Compaible with both Arduino Uno and chipKIT uC32 boards.
  • No support material needed.
  • Suggest infill: 23%
  • Suggest layer height: 0.1mm or less
  • Screws together with 4-40 x 1/2" screws.
  • Screw holes go through the entire assembly to allow the case to be mounted

Design Files

File Size

12.3 MB
16.4 MB


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