Alm's Falchion (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

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Please don't forget to upload your prints since this helps me quite a bit in getting exposure of this design to the world!

This has been my biggest printing project so far! I looked everywhere and did not find the Gaiden/Echoes version of Falchion anywhere. So I designed it myself! The files are prepared and optimized for printing in a  200x200x180 build plate  and with issues solved from my own assembly. If you have a bigger or smaller build plate I included an stl with the whole blade so you can slice it up as you may need. For any help you can also contact me directly.

Print everything vertically except the hilt. That was mostly to avoid supports melding into the part (which then are hard to sand down). To achieve the finish I got I had to sand down the whole thing, prime it, sand it, prime it again and sand it again. Then I painted. It took long but it was worth the effort.

The design itself was made in fusion 360 based in several artworks of the game as well as from fire emblem heroes.

I strongly recommend you get 3 metal rods of 6mm in diameter for structural support and weight, it makes this prop feel so much more realistic feeling when you hold it in your hands. Now, go! Fight Duma with this epic dragon slaying blade! 

P.D. As a hardcore fan you will find that this epic design is missing the shield (for your epic shield drop of course), so be on your guard for more updates on that! 

Design Files

File Size

Blade First (6 mm Hole With Assembly Aids).stl
175 KB
Blade Second (6 mm Hole With Assembly Aids).stl
173 KB
Blade Tip (6 mm Hole With Assembly Aids).stl
138 KB
Full Size No Assembly Aids.stl
3.1 MB
Handle First (6 mm Hole).stl
1.03 MB
Handle Second (6 mm Hole).stl
660 KB
Hilt Assembly Aids (x 6).stl
104 KB
Hilt Half (6 mm Holes) With Assembly Aids.stl
1.51 MB
Pommel (6 mm Hole).stl
1.5 MB


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