Laptop screw insert repair (4 parts)

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Summary I've added three more variations, one slightly smaller, one with a curved bottom and one with a chamfered bottom (print the last two upside down) A very quick and simple fix for damaged laptop screw inserts. Sometimes when a laptop is dropped, the brass insert breaks the small plastic housings, making it impossible to screw the laptop case back together. These have a 3.8mm internal hole. Just squeeze the original brass part into the hole with a vice and glue in position in the laptop very carefully and accurately These are flat bottomed and may only fit in certain positions. You need to remove the original damaged plastic to allow this part to fit on a flat surface. If the part needs to be thicker than 2.8mm then just scale up in the z direction, This was made to fit typical laptop brass inserts and may not fit all, but they only take a minute or so to print and you can scale up or down if needed. 0.2mm layer height 1.2mm walls 100% infill

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