Ideal Standard Conceala 2 dual flush repair parts Updated!


Summary This is a fix to repair the back of the two flush button pumps that had broken off the back of the faceplate, leaving the mechanism the wall behind. It's a long shot that someone might need this, but the work is already done so here it is. Just pull off the thin plastic pipe attached to the button assembly leading to the plumbing (don't lose the pipe in the wall) then put the button assembly into the repair part and assemble as in the picture. I used superglue it seems fine, assemble first then put a few small drops of glue around the join. Reconnect pipe to back of button assembly and refit to wall...........done 0.2mm layer height 100% infill 1hr 30 approx to make the smaller one. 2hr 5min on the larger. Use support on the larger one or the overhang will fail.

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