Converter socket to bit screw driver & Bit driver


At home I use a lot of small sockets for bolts and I do not have enough “socket screwdriver holders” for these.  I find it handy to have many of these, but I can’t buy them without the sockets themselves. So I decided to make them myself. :-)

I have a “converter piece” from socket to bit hexagon shape in two sizes.  There is a third converter piece that has a hole in the hexagon side.  In this hole you can glue a piece of metal for magnetic bit holders

Also I have handles or “bit screwdrivers” in two sizes. (The small one is green and the bigger one is blue in the pictures). I also included a small bit holder for wall mounting.

I don’t recommend that you use the plastic converter peace for removing hot nozzles :-)

Printed in PET-G, resolution 0.2mm

Design Files

File Size

1bit holder.stl
926 KB
bit houder sroevendraaier small.stl
6.09 MB
bit houder sroevendraaier.stl
9.39 MB
dop naar bit converter met gat.stl
1.38 MB
dop naar bit converter small.stl
985 KB
dop naar bit converter.stl
1.26 MB


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