Homo Naledi Skull Reconstruction - Lower Face

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Summary Named Homo Naledi, this new species of an extinct early human ancestor discovered by the Rising Star expedition team near Johannesburg, South Africa has stunned the paleoanthropology and archaeology world, and in true scientific fashion, they have published scanned specimens of their find and published on http://www.Morphosource.org for all to enjoy and participate in this extraordinary discovery. The original publication of this find can be found here: http://elifesciences.org/content/4/e09560 I have reconstructed the lower face of the skull as was done in the paper for analysis, combining the fragments of the left maxilla, and including the right zygomatic, mirrored for the left zygomatic, and the complete mandible. The maxilla was matched to the published mandible; with these four files plus the upper skull (See my other file for this), it is possible for you to reconstruct the ENTIRE SKULL as seen in the news for educational and instructional use. I will add more photos as I finish the complete skull replication. Enjoy and thank the awesome scientists who make this kind of reproduction possible. All specimens and original scans are attributable to the original authors. I am an anthropologist NOT affiliated with this project or the Rising Star team. However, I teach anthropology and specialize in fetal osteology and 3D reconstruction, and I have several specimens available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FetalReproductions?ref=hdr_shop_menu, including a high-resolution fetal scans, bones, and other interesting specimens, and be sure to check out my page at https://www.facebook.com/FetalReproductions/ and drop me a line.

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