Fossil of Cetacean Juvenile Caudal Vertebrae


Summary This is a caudal vertebrae (tail bone) from an ancient cetacean. The animal was a juvenile, since the epiphysis is missing. Fossil is probably between 5-7 million years old. Found along the banks of the Siret river in Botosani county, Romania, by Gavriliuc Emanuel, Radiology Imaging Specialist with Spitaful Hospital in Botosani. Credit to Gavriliuc Emanuel (Thingiverse ID emi83ro) who provided the CT scan. The fossil is approx 1 inch in length, would best be printed at 200% resolution or with a SLA printer. Please post a photo to share if you print this, and check out my other scans of skulls and bones at Be sure to "Like" my Facebook page at to subscribe to my current prints/blogs, and see my Etsy page at for baby fetal scans, skulls, and other items to own.

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