Manatee Radius and Ulna - High Resolution Scan

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Summary This is a scan of a real Florida MANATEE (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) radius and ulna (forearm). Manatees are the state mammal of Florida, and are an endangered species. This on is on loan to me from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and is curated at the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University South Bend. Most manatee bones are solid cortical bone, giving them a great density. Since manatees arms have evolved into flippers, the bones of the upper arm and forearm have an unusual shape. This specimen measures approximately 6", and is a juvenile female. Print it in parts, or scale down to fit your bed. Scanned with NextEngine scanner. Print this unusual and rare specimen, use it for teaching, or simply educate yourself about zoology. Comment me for proper attribution if used in any other manner than personal. Not for commercial use. Please post a photo to share if you print this, and check out my other scans of skulls and bones at Be sure to "Like" my Facebook page at to subscribe to my current prints/blogs, and see my Etsy page at for baby fetal scans, skulls, and other items to own.

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