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Happy 40th Birthday Voyager!

Here's my desktop model of the satellite. I've carefully broken the design into pieces that can be easily FDM printed. I've intended this design to be printed at 100um layers with a 0.4mm nozzle.

Everything should press together easily, but some dabs of glue could be useful to secure things in place.

There are 14 unique parts. 16 part to print in total. At 100um the total print time is around 8 hours.



I recommend using 100 micron resolution and above as there are some step angles on the antenna reflector. (60% is steepest angle)

No support is required. Some features have minor bridging (<8mm)

All fits should be loose press fit. Glue may help with assembly but should not be required.

Design Files

File Size

Body with Thermal Blanket.STL
3.82 MB
High Gain Antenna Subreflector with S-Band.STL
1.7 MB
High Gain Antenna Support Truss (X3).STL
117 KB
398 KB
LECP-PLS-CRS-Instrument Arm.STL
766 KB
215 KB
Planetary Radio Astronomy and Plasma Wave Antenna (X2).STL
121 KB
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Cap.STL
359 KB
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.STL
569 KB
Shunt Radiator and Optical Target and Legs.STL
3.8 MB
Stand Base.STL
944 KB
Stand Post.STL
25 KB
Golden Record.STL
54.6 KB
High Gain Antenna Reflector.STL
1.81 MB


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