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Cord Case

This is a little case for small things you can hang on a key cord (or other cord). :-)

These screw cord cases are printed in PET-G and ABS (0.2mm resolution). Red is PET-G, green and silver parts are ABS. The upper silver / gray part is printed with support material and later glued on the lid part.

There are 2 different models:

Case 1 and case 2. I hope this is enough for you to find your way through the STL files :-)

Design Files

File Size

cord case new2 buttom.stl
3.55 MB
cord case new 1oog buttom.stl
3.68 MB
cord case new 1oog cover buttom.stl
283 KB
cord case new 1oog top.stl
743 KB
cord case new2 cover.stl
2.13 MB
cord case new2 lid.stl
526 KB
cord case new 1oog cover top.stl
907 KB


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