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This is a very simple and minimal pcb Holder. 

Assembly is very simple. Only need a 5mm Allen wrench and phillips screwdriver. 

Adjust the width by moving the bases along the axis/shaft.

Adjust the orientation with two knobs. 

With supports for soldering wires!!! Maximun pcb: 170 x 220mm

Bill of material (BOM):

  • Hexagonal Nuts M6 x2 un.
  • Aluminiun, Steel o wood Shaft or similar Ø12.7mm x 250mm of large.
  • Allen Bolt M6 x 30mm x2 un.
  • Rubber or NBR rope of Ø5,5mm (5cm)
  • bolt parker Ø3mm x 12mm (x4 un.)

Design Files

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base helper.STL
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Buje helper.STL
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Grip helper.STL
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Perilla Helper.STL
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