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Summary This is the second version of my Self-Watering Planter. More Planters Bird House Planter Self-Watering Planter Self-Watering Planter 3 Voronoi Planter This new version does not require strings to draw water into the soil. This works equally well for the botany/biology lesson described in my first version. Find me on: Print Settings Printer: Maker Select V2.1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 micron Infill: 50% Notes: Planter: PLA Resevoir: PETG Custom Section Project: Self-Watering Voronoi Planter 2 Overview: The objective of this project is to introduce your students to botany and hydroponics. Your students will also learn about capillary action. This is intended for elementary and middle school students in a science or biology class; however, anyone can participate. This project does not require any skill or prior knowledge. Custom Section Lesson: After you have printed the self-watering planter for your students you are going to demonstrate how it works. Fill the bottom piece about halfway with water. Fill the top piece with soil, plant the seeds, and water the soil. Place the planters by the window sill and let the seeds do their work! While you wait for the seeds to germinate you can teach your students about germination and photosynthesis. How in depth you go into both topics is up to you. The plant seeds you choose are also up to you. Remember to check the water levels every few days. Duration: The duration of this lab is as long as it takes for the seeds to germinate and grow plus the time it takes to print the planter. It will take a few weeks but it does not require a lot of work. Rubric and Assessment: How students are graded is up to the instructor. I recommend grading them on the health of their plant plus a quiz on what they were taught.

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