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Summary Thanks for the blog post Adafruit! I saw a number of different small parts drawers on Thingiverse and noticed that most of them used a lot of filament. I wanted to make a cost efficient version that looked beautiful and was easy to print. This is the outcome: Economical Shelf: 150 grams (including supports and raft) Shelf before voronoi: 217 grams (no supports with raft) Saved 67 grams of filament! Why did I include a raft? My print bed has a hard time sticking larger objects to the bed. This will print excellently without a raft More Modular Drawer Systems The HIVE - Stackable Hex Drawers (Interlocking) Modular Drawers 2.0 (Interlocking) Modular Drawers 1.0 (Stackable) Modular Hex Drawers (Stackable) Find me on: Update 5/30/2017 The voronoi pattern I use saves more filament than other patterns I've tried which don't require supports. I will upload a second version which does not require supports and will use roughly the same amount or less grams of filament while also reducing print time. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Notes: Print the shelf at 101% Print the drawers at 100% Supports are needed for the shelf but not for the drawers Rafts are not necessary How I Designed This The voronoi pattern not only looks nice but it gives rigidity to the shelf while also reducing the use of filament. The many holes in the pattern also allow for easy wall mounting. The shelves are 10 mm thick rims that are big enough and strong enough to support the drawers without having to waste a lot of filament. I designed each part with the intent to reduce the need for supports. 152 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm

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