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A magic and martial arts are very powerful Chinese exorcism warrior, wandering in ancient China, to help people against the demons and ghosts.

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Avatar_Sword master_v3_Amulet.stl
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Avatar_Sword master_v3_Axe.stl
654 KB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Base.stl
4.91 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Body1.stl
14.9 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Body2.stl
33 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_flagon.stl
1.91 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Hand_L.stl
3.98 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Hand_R.stl
3.85 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Hat.stl
2.05 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Head.stl
1.61 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Leg.stl
15.6 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Scrolls.stl
3.36 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Sword1.stl
5.96 MB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Sword2.stl
679 KB
Avatar_Sword master_v3_Sword3.stl
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