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Hello guys!  I'm Chris and I've made a terrible mistake! :D 

Why?  Well, meet Everyday Sam..

Everyday Sam is definitely not the type of a guy you would want to live next door.   He is more of the type that will show up to your Sunday barbeque uninvited and cause chaos. He is the guy that will show up out of the blue in your bathroom while your wife is having her relaxing shower. He is the guy that can teleport to your childhood years and ruin your life. And all of this can happen because I made the mistake to give him a teleporting device that ALSO makes him invisible. Given that power, it is understandable that he traveled through time and stole those jet/flying shoes from an evil scientist or something like that... Because there always is an evil scientist somewhere, right?

**Everyday Sam was designed exclusively for the Avatar contest and the printing files are free!

Good luck to everyone! 

About the 3D Files:

-"Everyday Sam.stl" in this the file you can download the model complete. 

-"Everyday Sam Parts 1/2.stl" this is the file you must download if you want to print it in two different parts. 

-"Cylinder_Print 2.stl" this is the connecting piece for the 2 Parts model. Make sure you print two of them as the model has 2 holes. 

-"Everyday Sam.form" you can use this file to open the Performed model, with the supports added.

-"Everyday Sam 2 Parts.form" Preformed model for the two parts model. 

The Preformed models are made in PreForm slicer for Formlabs Form 2 SLA Printer, for material: Grey Resin - V3(FLGPGR03) Resolution - 0,05.

Dimensions and Volume - Print Time for Preformed files:

"Everyday Sam.stl" 

-Height: 110.05 mm

-Width: 62.47 mm

-Lenght: 58.80 mm 

-Volume: 46.61 ML

-Time: 6h 42min

"Everyday Sam Parts 1/2" 

-Height: 105 mm 

-Width: 62.78 mm 

-Lenght: 55.42 mm

-Volume: 38.47 ML

-Time:  5h 33min 

Feel free to contact me for any further information you might need.

Design Files

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Everyday Sam.stl
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Everday Sam Part 2.stl
8.83 MB
Everday Sam Part 1.stl
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Cylinder_Print 2.stl
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Everyday Sam.form
43.6 MB
Everyday Sam 2 Parts.form
45.5 MB


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