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This is the batman file of my batman vs superman lowpoly models.

Print instructions

It's a very easy model to print. I have grouped the STLs by color. If you want, you can print your batman in one color  and paint it by hand, as I did with batman's sign on his chest.

Files included are: 

1. Grey Parts

2. Black Parts

3. Legs for dual tone printing. You can start with yellow filament and change to grey at 5,80 mm.

4. Connectors. There are 5 cylinders and 4 squares to connect the parts. Depending on the printer you use and the materials, you might have to sand a little the connectors for a perfect fit.

5. Plastic Cape. This is the most tricky part to print because of the geometry. I used the orientation I already have in the stl. Just try to give it a 3mm offset from the build table so it gets printed on top of support material. The support settings I used and that were successful were:

2mm pillar resolution, 35 deg max overhang angle, 30% support infill

If you can't print the back you can always use a fabric one which makes it look more natural. Just buy a cheap cloth piece and cut it in the shape of batman's cape.

As always slow printing gives the best results. I printed it in PLA at 195 degrees, 20% infill, speed 40mm/s and no supports were needed except for the cape.

Don't forget to check the superman low poly model.

If you find any difficulties or have ideas to improve the design, please comment.

Design Files

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Grey parts.stl
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Legs with optional dual tone.stl
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2.11 MB
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641 KB Foot.STL
1.22 MB Hand.STL
562 KB Shoulder.STL
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1.76 MB Foot.STL
1.23 MB Hand.STL
560 KB Shoulder.STL
658 KB
684 Bytes
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Black parts.stl
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