Sheep Centauroid

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The Sheep Centauroid is my submission for the virtual avatar contest. It is based on the sheep from the Chinese zodiac with a fantasy world design.  The sculpt is 15cm (~6") tall and can be printed on a SLA printer.

Design Files

File Size

FL leg.stl
6.85 MB
FR leg.stl
9.51 MB
L arm.stl
5.44 MB
L hair.stl
6.31 MB
L horn.stl
5.76 MB
R arm.stl
4.81 MB
R hair.stl
5.98 MB
R horn.stl
5.79 MB
10.9 MB
8.98 MB
BL leg.stl
6.27 MB
9.43 MB
BR leg.stl
6.99 MB


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