semi minnie pellet for elastic powered pellet slinger


* based off of the minnie bullet from the american civil war but is diffrent becuase the minnie ball was the 1st instead of musket balls & actual minnie ball for muskets use a lead seal for the barrel so in order for me to use this for my purpose i had to redesign it & use it as a type of artificial air foil

*currently this is the best pellet i have ever tested for this purpose

its self sourced & shoots farther than any other pellet i have used for this purpose

 its new design allows what would normally be aerodynamic drag & puts it to good use ; its actually an exception to when normally round pellets are slower than pointed pellets


disclaimer  as with all my pellets this is at your own risk, wear eye protection do not shoot at eyes,face neck,or back of head 

additionally with all my pellets please be a good sport, with ethics,and use moral standard, everyone is required to follow all laws, and responsible for checking local laws , downloading means you accept these conditions, as well as any terms of use including where its posted, or accessorised with;

also there is 1 exemption to the license of it cannot be adapted & that is to get the ammo is custom quantity of ammo to print as that's fair game but nothing else, 

and with the pellets self sourced including this one & This is my second part disclaimer on using my public designs including sales if any of these are violated its a automatic infringement by disclaim I don't mind that if the following below is met

  • there must be total integrity honesty & no misrepresentation & no under representation
  • if you want to legally sell printed versions of this of any way shape or form you need to explain that its belongs from here & give me credit & also must explain it can be downloaded here for free & any malicious acts are prohibited any violation of this is a automatic infringement
  • if any breach of trust is hereby disclaimed also as a automatic infringement
  • If its done with professionalism, proper ethics,integrity,responsibility & reasonable moral expectations *If there is no proceeds against the will of the designers from any proceeds like anything that he finds objectionable if that is violated you agree your agree you can be held accountable at any time & is liable

  • also any use of designs that are not done openly is a violation of this disclaimer unless offical authorisation is granted including in private except for the designer of this design

  • But any violation against the designer,designs,or disclaimer is a automatic infringement against the designer

  • & any violation of this disclaimed automatically means to void anything that can legally make you un accountable  however its still at your own risk including involved individuals or groups including participants also those associated all with any form of violations of this disclaimer or any part of the above disclaimer

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