just a basic spoon


its recommended to 3dprint with food & drink safe ASA for example fda compliant Applo-x filament, but follow all laws & regulations when using this item, this is meant for single use if its not sealed up, if you want to make this one a reusable one make sure its sealed up , note unless the filament says dishwasher safe dont take a chance but rather wash by hand with just plain dish soap & water, do not share silverware without washing it, do not reuse these spoons if you or someone else has a communicatable disease 

 ( note this not in coordinated in accordance to units like teaspoon or tablespoon)

** now as of october 20th 2017 late this evening at around 7:30 pm toronto time i updated the spoon & this time i lengthed it in addtion to the resizing 

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mesh spoon.stl
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