Elastic powered pellet slinger


* note this is meant for educational , scientific or artistic pruposes only this is so its complies with googles policy, 

For example engineering including aerodymanics, physics, math ,etc this is a tool not a toy

  • licensed copy* As of christmas 2019 & herby on until further notice of otherwise until then this model is not allowed to be used commercially unless under permission of the original designer & that applies to all official platforms as well

  • also the pellet slinger has been updated & yes there is single pellets but with this way a downloader can create custom arrays of plastic bullets as much pellets as they wish

its everyones' responsibility to only download or 3dprint these in areas where legal,& to follow all laws of importation to wherever you bring this 

*(Basic intro & basic description) (The full details , full description & disclaimer is after this basic introduction & basic description )

also just a heads up warning

this can be dangerous if misused which is why you see this warning but follow the guidelines and then its safe

But where ever you use one its important to Be a responsible person with self discipline thats ethical , with integrity and handle properly at all times , check your backgrounds( sorroundings) , wear safety gear,like safety glasses be aware of your surroundings & follow all laws & regulations and all proper protocol , also consider the background , wear eye protection 

also do not shoot people except in a established and controlled war games where the consent of all players are signed , do not brandish as people might not realise its too short to dangle any arrows or darts and confuse it with a mini crossbow

where legal you can shoot house spiders & also keep in mind anywhere you remember with enough elastic potential then this would not a toy and could dent wooden doors with big enough rubber bandd& that the pellets are 8.5mm diameter x 15.5 mm length a airsoft bb is only 6 mm diameter & that curtains will stop the bullets

The designer & publisher is not responsible for any misuse which we condemn any misuse When someone 3DPrint the design they are the manufacturer and has responsibilities

Another thing I included some extra pellets feel free to print as many as you need

Also to shoot there are two official ways to launch * the first is a two handed method by holding with one hand and like a pinch draw in archery clamp down with your thumb while pulling back ( this can be hard on your thumb but will deliver the most firepower * The second is to pre draw the elastics then slip on a bullet then fling the elastic this is not as effective on certain angles

  • downloading you accept these conditions, as well as any terms of use including where its posted, or accessorized with; also wear proper safety gear

*check your local laws before Downloading or 3DPrinting this is for responsible owners only

also wear eye protection 


 ( by downloading you agree you are at legal age if not at legal age make sure you got parental permission and follow the responsibilities listed above and below )

Also retrain every time you get new eye wear prescriptions for safety reasons as new glasses for example can alter the aim 

 be sure to grip & drag the pellet with your thumb hard,so the elastic has tension, so it can shoot, this might need a little practice also re-direct so the length of the pellet is under your thumb


(everything must be done with honesty , integrity and responsibility at all times , citations must be used on any packaging or labeling it is everyone's responsibility)

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