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To further decorate envelopes I send out for my web shop, I designed this rubber stamp with my logo. I know there's not much use for you to have my logo, which I won't include, but maybe someone could use the handle or just the idea. I'm especially loving how the fingerprinty lines came out! The handle fits a 30x30mm stamp. To a certain extend you can scale and stretch it to fit your needs. Print Settings Printers: Monoprice Select Mini & Creality CR-10 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 100% The stamp itself is printed on the Monoprice Select Mini with Robin Reiter's flexible filament upgrade ( and, using Recreus's FilaFlex Skin II filament (230°C nozzle, 50°C heat bed, 120% flow, 20mm/s). The handle is printed in Das Filament brown PLA on the CR-10 (210°C nozzle, 50°C heat bed). To get those cool fingerprint like lines, tell your slicer (I used Cura) to use concentric lines on the initial layer. How I Designed This To make the stamp I took my logo, brought it into Illustrator and saved it as an SVG, imported it into Tinkercad and gave it some depth. Then I added a cylinder on top to connect all the floating parts. This made the print a bit messy, as the flexible filament has a harder time bridging, but it came out well enough to work. You might not even need to do this, depending on your design. The handle was a quick sketch-and-pull job in Fusion 360, just guessing and eyeballing a bit, but it worked fine as well.

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