The Stowage Project


Summary !!!!!!PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!! This is a highly experimental collection of 1:100 tank stowage pieces. These are designed to be added to already existing tank models and printed with them. It is unlikely that they will print on there own. Some of these will not print on a standard abs/pla printer. This is an experiment to determine both the viability of custom stowage tank models and 3D printed infantry. Most 3D modeling programs will allow you to drag and position these in an assembly. Mesh-mixer is a free example of one of these 3D modeling programs. I've always been interested in doing some "pimped out" tanks with loads of crew storage on them. unfortunately this would require not only a lot of modeling work but a lot of time positioning the stowage items. So I handled the modeling parts I'm asking you guys to handle the rest. IF YOU MAKE A STOWAGE VEHICLE PLEASE POST THE FILES AS A REMIX HERE.

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