2x4 Outdoor Barstools


I just moved back into an apartment complex from a house. The place wasn't furnished and there is a huge granite countertop. The bottom is 31" (non-standard) so I had to either buy adjustable barstools for about $150 a pop or make my own. I found a design online I liked and decided to put together a CAD package to reference during the build process. All design credit goes to Pete (http://www.diypete.com/how-to-make-bar-stools/).

I made a set of these barstools and they turned out very well. I wanted to share my drawing package and models since I found it very beneficial to have. When all was said and done, I think I spent something like $150 making four barstools. Saved me a ton of money and I had a great time doing it.

WARNING: These are pretty heavy. They're each about 35 pounds, give or take 5 pounds. Credit to the Designer I actually didn't design the barstools myself. I found these online at DIY with Pete (http://www.diypete.com/how-to-make-bar-stools/).

I wanted a place where I could reference lengths of cuts, part numbers, different measurements, and get all of the design information in one package. I created a model in OnShape and put together some drawings so I could quickly reference instructions.

If you make these, be sure to send some pictures to Pete at http://www.diypete.com.

OnShape Link to Models & Drawings https://cad.onshape.com/docume...

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