Non-Conductive Flat Head Screwdriver


I've shorted quite a few PCBs in my day in working on 3D printers. When I first got my HICTOP Prusa i3, I shorted a board within a week adjusting the amps to each motor. I was using the small, metal screwdriver provided in the kit. I did this again about two months later. When I decided to take apart my Prusa, I decided I wasn't going to make the same mistakes. So I designed this flat head screwdriver to use when working on the circuit board. I don't know why I hadn't printed/used something like this a year ago. Would have saved me a LOT of frustration and time waiting for parts shipping from China.

Scale it to fit your needs. Design Requirements I measured the smallest portion on the circuit board of my HICTOP Prusa i3 and found I needed to fit within an enclosed diameter. 

I used a hex handle because it's easy for me to grip and can be easily taped over for a better grip. It fits like a glove and I've been using it since with no issues!

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