SpaceX Falcon Heavy Expansion Kit for Falcon 9 Model

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Summary This is an expansion kit for my SpaceX Falcon 9 Model found here:

This kit allows you to build a Falcon Heavy as well as attach a Crew Dragon capsule (Dragon V2) to your model.


1. Print a complete Falcon 9 model from the link above as well as two additional first stages (pieces 1-4, landing legs, and grid fins.

2. Print 4 of the booster connectors and insert them into the 4 large holes in one of the Falcon 9 first stages. Connect the two addition first stages using the corresponding holes.

3. Print 2 booster nose cones and connect these to the top of the two boosters. These use the same rotate-to-lock connectors as the interstage on the original model.

4. Print the Crew Dragon capsule, trunk, and nose cone. Either the Dragon or the cargo fairings from the original model can be attached to the top of the core stage.

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