Guardian Shield+ Zelda Breath of the Wild

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In this project we'll build the Guardian Shield + from Zelda Breath of the Wild! This shield measures 700 millimeters wide by 600 millimeters tall. We used a 1 meter long high density mini NeoPixel LED strip to illuminate the "blades" of the shield!

Design Files

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Blade Left1.stl
104 KB
blade right2.stl
53.8 KB
tri top.stl
711 KB
mask pentegon.stl
21.6 KB
mask detail line.stl
684 Bytes
blade right1.stl
19.8 KB
mask detail trace.stl
16.9 KB
blade btm2.stl
138 KB
mask tri.stl
22.3 KB
blade btm1.stl
87.3 KB
Blade Left 2.stl
46.2 KB
blade right3.stl
45.8 KB
54 KB
battery holder.stl
71.9 KB
tri btm.stl
421 KB
handle bar.stl
34.7 KB
handle Right.stl
75.7 KB
239 KB


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