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My first attempt to 3d print a camera track slider.

I have been using it off and on for a bit now and figured other may find it useful.

I was using  a box of openbeams for a project a had a few left over, with the help of some iglide® tribo-filament for 3D printers.

1x  OpenBeam 1515 x 1 meter  

4x OpenBeam 1515 x 90mm 

1x Nema 17 Stepper motor and driver

1x  GT2 16T Pulley and 2M Belt 

1x 608 Bearing

16x M3 nuts

26x Socket Head Cap Screw  M3 Thread, 6mm Length

You will need print the OpenBeemSlide_slide out of iglide.

I found that printing at around 230c hotedn and 80c bedtemp 20mm/s works best.  Also print one at a time! helps to press some kapton tape down to help sticking. its a pane to get just right, but once you do you will get some very good slides!.

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