Hard Drive Enclosure V5 (7mm)


This model of the Hard Drive Enclosure series was designed with the idea of being more space and material(s) efficient. The model (both top and base) require only 32 grams of material to print with 100% infill. At a print height of .1mm, it'll take about 7-8 hours to print both pieces depending on other quality settings. The design will require four M3 screws to mount the hard drive and they need a thread length of greater than 3mm in order to catch the threads of the hard drive itself. The opening exposes the entire SATA connection bracket, which should allow compatibility with many SATA to USB cables. There is also a .5mm gap between the PCB of the hard drive and the base, which should help prevent drive damaging if dropped and accidental electrostatic discharge. Post Processing - file any stringing from the mounting pegs in the base, ensure the enclosure fits together well, and overscrew your M3 screws through the enclosure holes before mounting your drive. Failure to do this could result in cross-threading with the threading of the hard drive itself. Due to design issues, 9.5, 12.5, and 15mm hard drive compatibility was not included with this iteration. Expect compatibility with the V6 design!

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