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I wanted to improve the experience of using my iPad Mini by amplifying the sound from its notoriously quiet speaker. This dock has a slot dimension of 13mm x 140 to take an iPad mini with case. The dock will also accept a standard lightning cable when in use so that the iPad can continue to charge whilst docked to the stand.

There are quiet few overhands and bridges required to print this dock, so I recommend using supports for successful printing. I use Cura and set the overhang threshold at 74°. At this setting Cura places just two columns of support inside the acoustic void, whilst providing supports elsewhere. Most of the supported surfaces will be hidden from view so if the supported surfaces turn out bad these surfaces won’t be in plain view. As this dock is effectively a monocoque design, you can set the infill to 0% and the print will still be fairly rigid and certainly rigid in the areas it need to be.

Good luck!

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